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Place: VelikoTarnovo
Client: Balkan Star
Services:  Entertainment
OutDoor Activity team has had the pleasure to organize test drive of the automobile for city terrains in front of journalists, most of them – ladies from leading life-style editions.
Veliko Tarnovo has welcomed us in the boutique hotel “Studio”, which has the price for The best hotel inscribed in city environment for 2006. Facing Tsarevetz, we had an incredible view and moreover we had the chance to watch the show “Sound and light” from the hotel’s terraces. The ladies were supposed to discover themselves one of the applications of the most popular worldwide trade mark automobiles 4x4, and namely Compass model. Having map and short instructions they succeeded in finding us in the brand new Central Mall- the pride of the modern Veliko Tarnovo city. There is a saying that the ladies have no good orientation but in this case it was invalid, because they showed much creativity in finding our meeting point. In fact, the most important is the final result, isn’t it?
We have visited another town as well, but this time – a Roman one. There we had the chance to enjoy our historical heritage and the pleasure to have a nice picnic sounded by the special Compass equipment - speakers’ boot ;)
Our journey finished with the relish of coming back in Sofia and the hope that your car will inscribe in the city environment as good as the Jeep Compass.
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