Mission: The mission of OutDoor Activity is to conduct safe adventure based programmes which inspire self esteem and self reliance as well as concern for others and the environment. We present brands and products.
About Us
Събуди Емоцията с OutDoor Activity
OutDoor Activity Ltd. is a limited liability company, established in 2004, on the basis of prolongued organizational work in the sphere of off-road adventures, presentations etc.
OutDoor Activity team is able to present your company or product in the perfect exhibition hall conditions, as well as in the real nature conditions.
We are qualified to train your personnel to drive safety and without breakdown and accidents in extreme conditions out off the road.
We are qualified to make better conditions to unite your personnel.

We use details from the off-road expeditions for our activities as well as professional 4x4 races and international teambuilding curriculums.
We use exerts’ services in the field of psychology, advertisement, extreme sports and actors’ cascades.
We don’t like to talk about ourselves, our clients talk about us.